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  • Install Ruby on Rails on Ubuntu 10.10

    In my post, Install CakePHP on Ubuntu 10.10 and 11.10, we took an in-depth view into installing CakePHP on Ubuntu 10.10. Since then, I’ve received some emails that collectively critiqued my choice of foundational programming language and suggested Ruby on Rails would be more well-received. PHP has historically been a bit of a security nightmare, […]

  • Install CakePHP on Ubuntu 10.10 and 11.10

    CakePHP is a framework that allows for rapid PHP development. I recently installed it on one of my home test servers and there were a few steps specific to an Ubuntu install that were required but that were not clearly outlined in the official documentation. The version of the Apache web server that gets installed […]

  • Download the Linux Source Code

    It is said that the best way to learn how to program is to read and modify other people’s code. Through an open, relatively uninhibited distribution of code, the open source community inherently promotes this learning method. The C programming language is arguably the most archetypal of programming languages, in the sense that seemingly all […]

  • The Art and Balancing Act of Flexibility

    The programs that run on our computers are dynamic.  Rather quickly, they can be shaped and formed to suit the needs of end users. As long as software bloat/feature creep is kept under control, customization and modification remain two critical ingredients in the evolution of any application.  Who will make these changes, and how easy will it be?  This is common sense stuff, but it’s a subject that doesn’t get discussed nearly enough, and a subject that is very often overlooked or ignored by choice.