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If you are a user of the Eclipse IDE, I recommend you check out Yoxos OnDemand (  Yoxos OnDemand is a free Eclipse download service.  This website allows you to build a custom-rolled Eclipse installer for all of the most popular operating systems (including 64-bit versions).  I highly recommend it, as it takes a tiny bit of the pain out of downloading and configuring Eclipse for use with your favorite programming language.

The normal Eclipse install process is to download and extract Eclipse, search the web or your machine for your plugins, and put them into the plugins folder of your eclipse directory.  The downside here is that you need to find your required plugins.

No longer… Once you’re at the Yoxos OnDemand website, simply:

  • Pick what plugins and components you would like to be part of your Eclipse install.
  • Pick the operating system on which you’ll be installing Eclipse.
  • In the Plan area you get a nice overview of what you’ve selected.

Once you’re sure of your choices, you can either save your customizations as a template for future use, or download your custom Eclipse install.

Yoxos OnDemand is very simple to use, and the next time you need to set up Eclipse, I encourage you to check it out as an alternative to the standard plugin hunt.

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