We’re Dealing with a Sysadmin…

Last night I made my way home from work in 1.5 feet of thundersnow (a word that somehow just exudes awesomeness).  This is my chronicle.  This is my story.

We're Dealing with a Sysadmin - From xkcd.com The timeline:

  • Receive phone call from a fellow sysadmin ninja stating he’s going to walk to work because his car is stuck — dedication
  • Offer to pick him up if I can spot him on the road
  • Walk out to my car to find that it is buried
  • Use my hands (no gloves) to remove enough snow around a door to get it open and get my ice scraper
  • Use the scraper as a shovel for 45 minutes.  Every 10 minutes make an honest attempt at backing out my car
  • Get solicited by a guy with a plow… So much for being a good samaritan… Thundersnow changes people
  • Help another employee get out of her spot (she was struggling and the plow guy just left her there)… So much for chivalry… Thundersnow changes people
  • Get her out with the help of some other nice people
  • Crave pizza, but remind myself that it’s a fruitless goal at midnight in the suburbs.
  • Finally achieve victory and get out of my parking spot after 45 minutes of ice scraping madness.
  • Spot my comrade on the side of the road making very slow progress toward his ultimate goal of manning his post — commendable.
  • Slide to a halt…  Wave him down…  Pick him up.  He reluctantly accepts.  A stoic warrior indeed.
  • Engage super-sysadmin powers and turn around to backtrack through the snow
  • Drop him off
  • Head home
  • Get stuck while trying to pull into driveway
  • Spend next two hours shoveling my own driveway and trying to get my car unstuck so I could finish pulling in
  • Park in my driveway
  • Go inside
  • Start writing my Rails install tutorial

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