Amiga Emulation – An E-UAE Binary for OS X 10.7

I’ve recently become enamored with the idea of experimenting with some old Amiga hardware and software. I was too young to enjoy this platform in 1980s and 1990s, but I believe the demo scene created some of the most resourceful programmers the world has seen. Before spending a hundred or so dollars on actual hardware I thought I’d give emulation a try. In other words, I was determined to run virtualized Amiga hardware on my MacBook Pro under OS X 10.7.

We now live in a world where memory and CPU constraints are no longer the obstacles they once were, and as a result, a cultural shift has occurred in the development community. A once ubiquitous approach of careful, calculated software craftsmanship is no longer necessary to build things. In this day and age, developers spend a lot of time fastening together APIs with glue and duct tape. Convenient? Sure, but does it require creativity? In my opinion, not as much as it used to when the limiting realities of hardware constraints were treated as hurdles to overcome via optimally written software.

In order to get started with Amiga emulation on newer versions of OS X, a binary compiled for the Intel processor is required. Traditionally the Amiga emulator (Unix Amiga Emulator) have been compiled to run on non-Intel Mac (PowerPC based) hardware. These versions will not run on newer versions of Mac OS . I spent five hours on a Sunday night looking for it all over the web, which probably wasn’t the best use of my time. Unfortunately, the most commonly referenced link on forums around the web was no longer hosting the binary, created by a person who identifies themselves as nexusle, for download. Because of this less than optimal experience, I’ve decided to host this binary on my own website for anyone who is interested in downloading it. When E-UAE loads it will immediately prompt for a configuration file, which we can generate with Hi-Toro.

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